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Quality - Entry is easy, but mastering is hard

Our goal is to provide customers with the highest quality products, services and solutions at the most attractive price, in an effort to achieve long-term partnerships. Our commitment to quality and pursuit of detail have exerted an influence on each department of the company for 20 years, inspiring the staff in each post, shaping the company’s culture, and determining the company’s process.

In addition to almost all metal and plastic parts that are produced inside our factory, we have developed and built a host of production equipment and tools suitable to our own needs over the years. The auxiliary tool in the next link is the inspection tool in the previous adjacent link. Our team strives to find a balance between quality and efficiency and unswervingly endeavor to make improvement.

Through continuous exploration, we calibrate the details and steps of each design, management or production, and strive to standardize the product and production processes. In 2013, we became the first local company to obtain the national safety production standardization (GB/T 33000-2016) certification, and we have been undergoing review and certification annually as per this standard. We authorize each employee to stop production and report quality problems.