Ox-King Pro

Item No.: COS-10
Music Laptop Stand
Laptop, media equipment stand with all-metal construction and extra desk.

The AWEDA OX-King Pro Laptop Music Stand  COS-10 is the perfect resting space for your laptop. It also performs admirably as a sheet music stand. It features all-steel construction, flanged edges, locking screws and Silver Ring design. An extra tray for storage is included.
All-iron tripod base, and leg support straps complete with easy height adjustment knobs and non-slip rubber feet, ensures stability and durability, enabling performers to concentrate fully on their show.
The design of clutch with scratch-resistant inner offers a smooth and quiet adjustment, prolonging its using life and the unique Silver Ring helps tighten firmly.
The platform with holes is equipped with a handle, which makes precise adjustment an easy task.

  • Media/ utility stand for laptops, DJ controllers, sheet music, and more.
  • Quality all-steel construction offers stability and longevity.
  • Flanged edges prevent your items from falling off.
  • Locking screws locks your laptop guarding against slippage.
  • An extra tray for storage is included.
  • The unique »Silver Ring« on the clutch enhance the tension  and locks the pole more tightly.
  • Collapsible tripod design is easy to transport.