Item No.: MUS-418
Music Tray Stand
  • Material: Steel, Plastic
  • Height: 640 - 1150 mm (Desk lip to floor); 980 - 1470 mm (Desk top to floor)
  • Height Adjustment: Fastener
  • Tubing: 25/30/22 mm
  • Base Dimension: 860 mm
  • Weight: 4.8 kg
  • Music Desk Dimensions: 490 x 340 x 52 mm
  • Product Category: Topline
  • Description
    The AWEDA OX-King Music Stand MUS-418 is ideal for stage performance. It features all-steel construction, ox-horn clamp, Silver Ring design and rubber end feet. An extra tray for storage is included.

    • Quality all-steel construction offers stability and longevity·
    • An ox-horn shaped connector attaches the removable steel desk to the stand. 
    • The unique  »Silver Ring« on the clutch enhance the tension  and locks the pole more tightly.
    • An extra tray for storage is included.
    • Rubber end feet prevent scratches and slippage