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Hikaru Tanimoto Hikaru Tanimoto
Dec .25.2019
Hikaru Tanimoto is a Japanese unique acoustic guitarist who has done work for the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
Samuel Mok Samuel Mok
Nov .27.2019
Samuel Mok - Hong Kong Classical Guitarist/ Montessori Educator
Ensemble Étoile Ensemble Étoile
Apr .28.2015
An orchestra playing with traditional ethnic musical instruments with long history in China – Chinese flute, Erhu, Pipa, Mongolian Morinkhuur – and cello and classical guitar as two of the three major musical instruments in the western world.
20 Years of Stands Manufacturing History 20 Years of Stands Manufacturing History
Mar .04.2015
Our story begins with a marimba stand 20 years ago.
Then we gave our all to stands manufacturing business.